Snowy success

December 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

PICNIC was awesome. Maine -of course- got hit with the first big snow storm of the season, but there was still a great turn out! It made things challenging but also festive!





I wish I took more pictures! … Once we (‘we’ is my awesome, helpful, husband & I,) finally made it through the blizzards obstacles & got set up, it was a GREAT day! I’d like to shout out & thank you holiday shoppers for not letting a little snow stop you, & for your patronage!

Merry Christmas to all! Cheers! <3 Nikki

+ Earrings + Magnets + Ornaments

December 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

In the words of my beloved Beastie Boys, ‘She’s Crafty…’ I’ve been getting a little funky with some vintage odds & ends-

Deer, crystal & chain earrings:







Vintage zoo animal illustration magnets:




Displayed here on the collection of tins I’ll have for sale & then there’s also the small, ornately framed, classic painting magnets:

& then there’s the zoo animal ornaments:



You see, I’ve been having fun getting ready for PICNIC & getting so excited for the main event.Tune in tomorrow for a preview of, the cream of the crop, the vintage I’ll have for sale!


Give Art!

December 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

New small works perfect for gifting. Watercolor landscapes with a splash of collage.













Five available at 6″x6″ & one at 8″x4.”
All framed in quality handmade black stained poplar frames. Ready to hang. Original art makes an original gift.
<3 Nikki

58 Fore Street

December 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Is where the party is at! This Sunday, December 15th! It’s PICNIC!

picnic_winter13a@ the Portland Company Complex.

I honestly have the greatest batch of awesome for you. Really spectacular vintage, freshly made magnets, earrings, ornaments, & very gift-able original paintings! It’s all getting a few final touches, & as soon as I get some pictures, I’ll share it all here for a sneak preview – by the end of the week.

Until then. Here’s a little collaboration I did with my fabulous friend Kristyn Platt.

preciouscargoWe are giving to the world, this little gem of a re-invented ‘Baby on Board’ car sticker.

Now that I have a babe of my own I see the value of having such a message on your car. If in a car accident the first thing a rescuer will look for is the baby, & I also like to think, people may drive a little more responsibly around a vehicle transporting a child. So here’s our new modern take on ‘Baby on Board!’ The idea was for it to be eye pleasing as well as get the message across.  it’s a 5” x 5” decal & I’ll have the first, hot off the press, batch for sale @ PICNIC!

What a perfect gift for that new hip family in your life! ;D


November 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Well, I know I’m not breaking any ‘news’ to anyone – fact is, when a baby comes into the picture, your whole world revolves around that little babe.

I’m a mommy first but an artist to the core. -Happily, despite these rules of nature, I have found a balance & have gotten a hand full of commissions done these past 5 months. This one is the latest & my new favorite.

Nikki Pilgrim orginal painting. copyright nikkipilgrim Commission 2’x2′ mixed media on birch panel.  Nikki Pilgrim orginal painting (closeup.) copyright nikkipilgrim Nikki Pilgrim orginal painting (closeup.) copyright nikkipilgrim Nikki Pilgrim orginal painting (closeup.) copyright nikkipilgrim Nikki Pilgrim orginal painting (closeup.) copyright nikkipilgrim Nikki Pilgrim orginal painting (closeup.) copyright nikkipilgrim

By request, my take on, blue jays meet Gatsby, as well as, she wanted it to be similar to my original ‘A Whales Weight in Mountains.’ 4′ x 4′ Mixed media painting.  >


Everything takes me a bit longer to do these days. BUT I’m working! & I’d love to work with you! If you’d like something custom made, please email me @

On another note, I’m so excited to announce I’m participating in this year’s holiday ‘PICNIC’ sale. So I’m a busy little elf getting ready for that! I’ll be selling art & vintage. Stay tuned for details.

Best wishes, love nikki

Juniper letting me paint. copyright nikki pilgrim


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Seeing these images were like a slice of delicious pie for my eyes. – I had to share these vibrant colored circus moments from the 40’s & 50’s, so I could gaze at them when ever I wanted.

2-barnum-bailey-showgirl-19464-circus-people-19558-birthday-flowers-1941 3-circus-girl-1950s 10-dailey-brothers-circus-1950 11-circus-performer-couple-1954 14-wardrobe-wagon-1959So amazing. I’ve always thought I belonged in this decade but imagine being in the circus in the 50’s… !? What a beautiful day dream.

These are my favorites, you can see more via –




Vintage goldies

October 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

This summer has been a ‘I’m a new mama BLUR’ a happy blur but swoosh, just here and gone. Despite mt new job as a mom & my activity, or lack there of, here in blog land, my creativity is still alive & well. I’ve been painting and flea-ing all summer long.

& The vintage has been piling up! Here is a snip-it of some of the gold I’ve dug up:  IMG_6315IMG_6311IMG_4241IMG_6308IMG_4240IMG_6293IMG_6307IMG_6273IMG_6252IMG_6253IMG_6251IMG_6314IMG_6306From vintage jewels, leather goods, to planters to SO many, amazingly cute, salt and pepper shakers. & There’s so much more not pictured here- purses, tools, shoes, vintage posters & maps, and lots of framed prints. My collecting is in surplus, time to start sharing again.


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